Pomphlett Primary School

Pear Tree Infant and

Walbrook Nursery School


Parents Phonics and Attendance workshop, Class 1S

Phonics and Attendance Workshop

Tuesday 6th March 2018


Pear Tree Infant School held a coffee morning for parents in Class 1S.


Mrs Stannard presented a phonics lesson to highlight the importance of

pure sounds and the use of alien words.


In addition to this Mrs Suddhi head teacher and Mrs Kauser attendance officer,

stressed the importance of regular attendance.


Parents who attended gave the following feedback.


" The way children are taught is different to how I was taught at school, I found it be very educational and I will use phonics at home"


" I found it to be very beneficial and useful"


" The attendance meeting was useful, I will practice phonics with my children,

my boys are using phonics at home"