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Pear Tree Infant and

Walbrook Nursery School


Science Day 2022

British Science week is celebrated between 11th - 20th March 2022.  At Pear Tree Infant and Walbrook Nursery, we have celebrated all things Science with a dedicated 'Science Day' on Monday 14th March.


Please take a look below at the fantastic activities and learning opportunities that the children have experienced today!

Early Years


We had a whole day of exciting activities including creating a poster about how to keep our teeth clean, counting our teeth in the mirror, making our own toothbrush and identifying healthy and unhealthy foods for our teeth.

Walbrook Nursery

Apple Tree

Plum Tree

Cherry Tree

Year 1


We had a whole day of exciting activities including creating a set of ‘Tiny Teacher’s Top Tips’ of how to keep our teeth healthy, using our addition skills to add the total of healthy and unhealthy snacks on the list and we even created a giant toothbrush using junk modelling materials. We even played Who Wants to be a Millionaire!

Ash Tree

Palm Tree

Oak Tree

Year 2 

We incorporated Science into all of our learning today! We spent time practising our phonics reading about how to look after our teeth, what Dentists do and all about the different types of teeth that we have. We used this information to write a fact file with two of our friends.


In Maths we applied our knowledge of measuring using grams to find out how much sugar was in some of our favourite snacks. We then decided which snacks were better for our teeth.


In Science we carried out an investigation to discover the effects of plaque on the teeth using sugar, yeast and warm water. We had to measure out the ingredients and watch what happened! It helped us to think about how much sugar we are eating!

Birch Tree

Willow Tree

Cedar Tree