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Eid Sponge Painting - 19.5.2021

We're happy to be back for the Summer Term - April 2021

Easter Activities 29.3 - 1.4.21

This week, we have been busy making Easter gifts. We've been very creative with our Easter cards and then made yummy chocolate Easter nests to eat.

Making Mother's Day gifts - 8.3.21 - 12.3.21

The Gingerbread Man - 1.3.21 - 5.3.21

It has been a busy week in our room! As part of the lead up to World Book Day, we have been reading The Gingerbread Man. We've made some paper gingerbread men, some play dough gingerbread men and we even made gingerbread men to eat.

Investigating our tiny caterpillars - 2.3.2021

Chinese New Year - 12.2.2021

We've been learning all about Chinese New Year. We've played with noodles and tried using chopsticks, and we've tasted some new food. Then we decorated ang-pau envelopes, and put a coin in them to take home.

Baking love heart cookies - 11.2.2021

It's nearly Valentine's Day, so today we baked love heart cookies. We worked our motor skills with stirring, spread, sprinkling and using the cookie cutters. And then we got to eat them - yum!

Look at what we've been doing this week - 5.2.2021

This week, as part of our winter theme, we have talked about birds and how they find it hard to find food in the cold weather. We then made some bird feeders by threading cereal on to string, and hung them in the garden. We have also done some mark-making with salt trays and worked with play dough on the play dough mats.

Making cheesy muffins - 4.2.2021

Thursday is cooking day. This week we made cheesy muffins. Cooking together means learning how to take turns and practicing following instructions, while developing our motor skills with mixing and pouring.

We've been investigating snow and ice this week - 29-1-2021

We've been working on our fine motor skills, creativity and turn taking with our Winter theme this week. We've painted snowflakes, played with pretend snow and investigated ice, baked snow flake biscuits - and we even got to play in some real snow!

Christmas crafts

We've been working on our creativity and our fine motor skills while making Christmas decorations.

Christmas is here!

We have been decorating our Christmas tree in preparation for the upcoming festivities!

Conker Rolling - November 2020

Our 2 year olds have been working on their concentration skills and their hand-eye co-ordination, while having plenty of creative fun with conker rolling.

Exploring the nursery environment, inside and out - Oct/Nov 2020