Pomphlett Primary School

Pear Tree Infant and

Walbrook Nursery School



Attendance matters, every school day counts


Regular attendance is of vital importance in allowing your

child to reach their full potential. We appreciate fully that young

children have medical appointments from time to time. We request that

where ever possible these appointments are made out of school hours.

Please ensure that appointment cards are bought to school if your child

needs to attend an appointment during the school day.

We appreciate your co-operation.


It is vitally important that you do not request holidays during term time as this will be refused.


Pupils with good attendance thrive and prosper in all areas of learning.

Pupils with 100% attendance throughout the academic year have the

opportunity to secure a prize, this is an incentive through which the importance of regular attendance is highlighted within the school community.


Pupils with persistent poor attendance will be reported to the

Educational Welfare Service which may result in a financial penalty.

Children start their day at 8:50am and finish at 3:20pm

Attendance Workshops 2021/22


Parent partnerships are very important to us, and with support from Derby City Council we are running attendance workshops to support our parents to understand how the importance of attending school every day and on time.




To all the pupils who attended school on time, every day.