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Reading at Walbrook Nursery

Phonics at Walbrook Nursery School


At Walbrook Nursery School we take pride in facilitating all groups of children with enriched early reading opportunities. Children follow phase one of the Essential Letters and Sounds phonics teaching programme, and those children that spend 4 or 5 terms in nursery (or those children that are ready) will move on to Phase Two during the Summer term. Reading and Phonics are embedded throughout the nursery environment, for example, we recognise that music and sound are integral for Phase One phonics, so by creating a musical shaker children can make a purposeful instrument that they will use to help breakdown the syllables of the words that they are learning. 




Reading at Walbrook


Each nursery session begins with a book.  Children have 2 weekly books to enjoy that are linked to their environment.  Through their Tapestry account, parents receive key vocabulary and a QR code which is a link to nursery staff reading the weekly books, which can be enjoyed at home!  Each day the children are given the opportunity to choose an extra story to read during their session.




We provide children with reading books in our wonderful library this also includes a range of bilingual texts for well known stories. In group time, children have the opportunity to 'snuggle with a book' and explore stories, all linking to the development of communication and language skills. 



The nursery environment contains many story prompt resources, from story spoons to imaginative play areas, reading nooks and outdoor play.  Nursery children also have time with our 'Reading Rabbits' and have recently been spending time with Pear Tree Junior children as 'reading buddies'. 






Should you have any questions about reading and phonics please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Suddhi, Head Teacher.