Pomphlett Primary School

Pear Tree Infant and

Walbrook Nursery School


Autumn term 2

Countdown to Christmas - Magical Maths Day - 17.12.2020


We had a brilliant morning taking part in a maths challenge! We had to design Santa's sleigh and then make it with our friends! We really had so much fun working in teams!

Child Initiated Learning - 3.12.2020


The children were watering the plants in their class garden area, they were able to tell Miss Gaskin that the water will make the plants get bigger and turn into flowers, all child-initiated learning!

Child Initiated Learning - Jack Frost Secret Messages - 26.11.20 & 27.11.20


The children in Plum Tree class have been so excited to see the frost and ice all over the playground. One child said that Jack Frost has been into school at night to make it all frosty. The children independently wrote secret messages for Jack Frost and stuck them around the classroom to see if he would come back. This was all child-initiated learning.


The next day the children came into school and noticed that Jack Frost had read their secret messages and had come back into school. But he had frozen all of their small world animals! The children had to work out how to rescue the animals. One child said that we need to put hot water on them to melt the ice. Another child said that the sun is so hot which will melt the ice.

Jack Frost Secret Messages
Jack Frost has been!

Meeting Rosie and Rodrigo - 20.11.2020

Today we met the school reading rabbits - Rosie and Rodrigo - we all got to stroke and cuddle them, we can't wait to read stories with them again!  We were so excited that we decided to make our own rabbit head bands!

Pumpkin Hammering - 12.11.2020

We learnt some new skills today by hammering nails into pumpkins! We developed our fine motor skills and thought about what patterns we could make.

Bird Feeders - 12.11.2020

We had lots of fun making our own bird feeders today.  By doing this we were able to help our physical and emotional development and also expand our communication and language skills.  We used our senses to explore and paid attention to detail - we are so proud of what we have achieved.



PE Lesson - 11.11.2020

During this week’s PE lesson, we practiced our balancing skills. We used our balancing techniques to walk forwards and sideways across the tight rope to make sure the sharks didn’t eat us! After working hard on balancing, we were even able to jump across the tightrope. Some children could also balance with a beanbag on their head without it falling off.

Autumn Adventure Day - 9.11.2020

Our class explored all things Autumn today! We had lots of fun making crowns out of leaves that we had found outside.  We learnt lots of new words when exploring pine cones, conkers and play dough! We investigated pumpkins too, we scooped out the insides and felt all the different textures!