Pomphlett Primary School

Pear Tree Infant and

Walbrook Nursery School



Birch Tree Class Activities 2020/21

Diwali Celebrations - 13.11.2020


We have been celebrating Diwali this week.  We had a Great British Bake Off home challenge, where we made coconut sweet treats to share with our families. Here are some photographs to showcase our celebrations.


Land Ahoy Topic - Pirate Visit and Hat Crafting - 18.09.2020

Birch Tree Class Activities 2019/20

Our Future Derby 'Race to Construct' Event 11.03.2020

Magical Maths Day 04.03.2020

Memorable Experience - Florist Visit 26.02.2020

Birch Tree Class Activities 2018/19

Highlights from our trip to Cleethorpes. 7.6.19

Topic:The Scented Garden. Our memorable florist experience! Which arrangement of flowers is your favourite? 1.5.19

Easter bonnet workshop and parade! 10.4.19

Caribbean Carnival dancing was fun and exciting!

Showing my homework project to the class. 4.4.19

Warwick Castle visit 26.02.19

Our reading corner is a great place to relax and enjoy our favourite book.

Topic Street Detectives, we built our own streets Feb 2019

Pancake Poetry Party 05.02.19

Caribbean Carnival experience 01.02.19

Learning about the relative position of the sun at different times of the day 28.1.19

Memorable Walk to Arboretum Park 09.01.18

River Trent Cruise trip 2018