Pomphlett Primary School

Pear Tree Infant and

Walbrook Nursery School


Autumn term 2

Number Recognition - 8.12.2020 


During our maths lesson today, we played a fun fishing game.  We had to catch the fish with our rods which helped with our motor skills, and then we had to recognise what the number were! It was so much fun!

Outdoor Play - 1.12.2020


Playing outside is a huge part of our learning journey.  We have so many resources that help to develop our imaginations, help us to work in teams, expand our vocabulary and build on our communication skills.

PE Lesson - Balancing - 19.11.2020

During this week’s PE lesson, we practiced our balancing skills. We used our balancing techniques to walk forwards and sideways and even on a zig zag across the tight rope.  We worked really hard to stay on the lines.

Fox Head Dress - 18.11.2020

Autumn Adventure Day - 9.11.2020

We explored all things Autumnal today! We made some amazing crowns out of leaves that we had found outside. We also made some drawings and we even scooped out a pumpkin to investigate what was on the inside! It was so much fun! We added lots of words to our vocabulary, such as pine cone, conker and pumpkin.