Pomphlett Primary School

Pear Tree Infant and

Walbrook Nursery School


Spring term 2

Outside Learning


Apple Tree class love exploring the outside areas attached to their classrooms.  They have developed lots of skills by exploring different materials, sounds and textures.  They have been building, investigating, and working in teams!



We have been busy developing our maths skills - can I show you at home?

Mark Making


Apple Tree class have been building up their strength in their fingers and hands in order to develop their writing skills. Mark making is an excellent activity to do this, they are able to explore holding a pen/pencil correctly an practice making shapes, letters and pictures.

Baking Cakes


There are lots of skills involved in baking cakes.  Apple Tree class have used their reading skills to look at recipes, they have listened to instructions and developed their fine motor skills by mixing and pouring.  The children have learnt the importance of team work and of course enjoyed tasting their delicious cakes!

Book Marks


Apple Tree class have been developing their skills by making book marks! These look fantastic!