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Meet the Governors

Welcome to the Governor's section


The Board of Governors at Pear Tree Infant and Walbrook Nursery School

are made up from five categories: 


Co-opted Governor - a governor who is appointed by governing body on the basis of skills and/or experience. 


Parent Governor - a governor who is elected by parents of either Walbrook Nursery School,

Pear Tree Infant School or appointed by existing governors.


Staff Governor - a governor who is elected by members of staff at Pear Tree Infant and Walbrook Nursery School.


Headteacher - The Headteacher is a governor by virtue of their post.


Local Authority Governor - a governor who is nominated by the LA and approved by the governing board.



Governors Profiles


Clerk to Governors - K Phillips



Ewa Wolinska – Chair of Governors

Responsible for: Chair of Governors, HTPM, SEND


I am an experienced teacher of Polish both as a foreign and as a native language. Our family has lived in Derby for 13 years. Since November 2011, I have worked for Derby City Council’s New Communities Achievement Team as a bilingual teaching assistant and family support worker. Almost from the beginning I was allocated to Pear Tree Infant School to provide support for new arrivals with responsibility for primary strategy. During these years I have managed to build a relationship with the members of new emerging communities in Derby, I help them to admit their children to school and then support them during the lessons. I know their problems, concerns and understand what they feel, sometimes lost in a different education system, because I went through the same experience.


Petra Kelemanikova – Vice Chair of Governors

Responsible for: Behaviour and Attitude


Petra is a bilingual teaching assistant and family support officer serving the local community since 2014, working for Derby City Council’s New Communities Achievement Team. As a member of the Roma community, Petra has managed to help and support many families across the city, serving a host of needs in relation to education. Petra came to the UK as a child to extend her opportunities and future work prospects. Petra is passionate that every child is supported and encouraged to have access to quality education regardless of their background. Petra is sensitive to the needs of families and children and has had first-hand experience of schooling in the community as a member of the Roma community. Petra is proud to be part of the governing body and is eager to further support the school community.


Mr Balwant Bubber - Governor at Pear Tree Infant and Walbrook Nursery School

Responsible for: Safeguarding including LAC/PLAC


I have been a Governor at Pear Tree Infant School for almost 25 years. During this time, I have supported many different committees and had many different roles before being elected as Chair of Governors.


I first qualified as a language teacher in 1975 and taught until I moved to the UK, Derby in 1977. I then requalified and worked as a language teacher and achieved an MA in Education. I have worked and lived in Pear Tree for over 40 years.  My 3 children and 2 grandchildren have attended Pear Tree Infant and Walbrook Nursery School. My long association with Pear Tree Infant School and the importance I place upon education is why I have dedicated myself to supporting the school and why I volunteered as a Governor.


In such a culturally rich and vibrant area, there are many opportunities accompanied with many challenges. The school is a vital and positive force for growth and development for all our children. The best interests and welfare of our children are at the centre of our decision-making. I strongly believe that all children should have the best the school can offer, enjoy their learning, and achieve their full potential - as individuals and as valued members of our multi-cultural society.


Bindy Suddhi – Head Teacher of Pear Tree Infant and Walbrook Nursery School


Mrs Suddhi was appointed Head Teacher of Pear Tree Infant and Walbrook Nursery school in September 2017.  Mrs Suddhi is an advocate of creating a school community that is flourishing and forward thinking. Mrs Suddhi flies the flag for embracing diversity and enabling all children to aspire high for their futures. Throughout her time in post, Mrs Suddhi has further enhanced relationships with the wider community and above all, insists that parents are partners in the quality first education of their children.



Shazia Khan - Deputy Head Teacher of Pear Tree Infant School and Walbrook Nursery School


Mrs Khan has proudly served the Pear Tree community for the past 14 years. Mrs Khan is passionate about quality first teaching and inclusive practice for all children across the school.  Mrs Khan believes in setting strong foundations in order to prepare all children for their future education and the wider world, by advocating a holistic curriculum that encompasses the development of life-long learning skills. Parent, pupil and staff partnership remain central to Mrs Khan’s core belief – ‘Together, we can and will achieve more.’



Satish Dhamrait – Governor

Responsible for: Personal Development


Satish is an active member of the Indian Workers' Association GB, Derby Branch. He is always ready to work towards maintaining and protecting public welfare. He is a valuable and respected member of the local community who believes in gender, race and class equalities.  Satish has worked in a local secondary school as a Modern Foreign Languages teacher for over 25 years before retiring a few years ago. He has always treated his pupils with respect and dignity. Satish has previous experience of as a governor in a primary school.

Satish is a family man with four children who he is proud to say are very successful, educationally and financially. He lives with his wife and two children, one of whom is disabled and has severe learning disabilities.  Satish has an excellent understanding of disabled children and their educational needs.


Amy Devine – Governor

Responsible for: Leadership and Management


John Moorcroft – Governor

Responsible for: TBA

School Data and Financial Information

Governors Attendance


Pear Tree Infant School & Walbrook Nursery Federation



Appointing Body

Term of Office

FGB meetings

Finance Committee meetings

Business & Pecuniary Interests


Mr Balwant Bubber

LA Governor


Local Authority

Re-appointed 20.9.23 to 19.9.27

First apt 20.9.19

3 / 4

2 / 3


  • Safeguarding including LAC/PLAC

Ms Amy Devine

Parent Governor

Parents - apt by FGB

9.5.23 to 8.5.27

0 / 1

1 / 1


  • Leadership & Management

Mr Satish Dhamrait

Co-opted Governor

Governing Body

12.11.20 to 11.11.24

2 / 4

1 / 3


  • Personal Development

Ms Petra Kelemanikova

Co-opted Governor

Governing Body

21.9.20 to 20.9.24

1 / 4

1 / 3

New Communities

  • Behaviour & Attitude

Ms Shazia Khan

Staff Governor


Re-appointed 5.9.23 to 4.9.27

First apt 5.9.19

4 / 4

3 / 3




Co-opted Governor

Governing Body





  • Quality of Education including PP

Ms Bindy Suddhi

Head Teacher

By virtue of position held


4 / 4

3 / 3



Ms Ewa Wolinska

Co-opted Governor

Governing Body

29.4.21 to 28.4.25

First apt 1.9.14

4 / 4

3 / 3

New Communities

  • Chair of Governors
  • HTPM
  • SEND

Mr John Moorcroft

Parent Governor

Parents - apt by FGB

8.5.24 to 7.5.28






Governors who have stepped down in the last 12 months/academic year.

Mrs Kiranpal Kaur Dhanda - Co-opted governor - Re-appointed 20.9.22 - Resigned 22.2.23    Attendance FGB 2/2 Finance 1/1

Mrs Anne McCarthy - Co-opted governor - 9.5.23 to 22.4.24 - Resigned   Attendance FGB 0/1   Finance 1/1   - also a governor at another school