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Welcome to Walbrook Nursery's Class Page

Here are some of the wonderful things we've been doing in nursery in 2020/21. 

Walbrook Nursery School Leavers video 2021 AM children

Walbrook Nursery School leaving video 2021 PM Children

It's a happy hoppy day at Walbrook - our tadpoles have turned in to frogs!

Lots of opportunities for talking and working together - June 2021

Investigating small creatures from the garden - 15.6.21

Eid Celebration Day - 21.5.21

Our nursery children had an incredible learning experience when the Animal Club came to visit. They got to meet and touch some new and exotic animals, like a spider and a snake, and some more familiar creatures such as a rabbit and a guinea pig. It was just one of the many wonderful things our children get to experience in nursery.

We've got chicks and tadpoles in our Nursery!

We're so excited to be back for our Summer term! We've got tadpoles in our nursery and we are learning about how a tadpole grows legs and becomes a frog. We also had some eggs in an incubator. We were able to watch them crack open and now we have 9 tiny chicks to care for.

Releasing our butterflies - 1.4.21

Art in the Sunshine

Our children have enjoyed the sunshine this week. They have been developing their creative skills as artists in our outdoor area.

We've gone coconuts!

Today we have been exploring new tastes, smells and textures as well as working on our problem solving skills as we cracked open a coconut. After deciding we didn't like the taste, we grated it to feed to the chickens.

World Book Day - 4.3.2021

Chinese New Year - 12.2.2021

Today we have been learning about Chinese New Year. We have tasted some new foods, like lychee and spring rolls, played with sensory noodles, we did some mark making with Chinese symbols and we tried using chopsticks. Then we all made some ang-pau envelopes to take home.


Pancake Day - 10.2.2021

Pancake Day has come early to Walbrook Nursery! The children thoroughly enjoyed making and tasting pancakes this morning! Mrs Mills even demonstrated how to flip them in the pan!

Goldilocks is trying to steal our porridge! 1-5 February 2021

Goldilocks and the Three Bears - Debbie and Friends

The children have been enjoying this song alongside our book of the week "Goldilocks and the Three Bears". Why not share it with your child at home?

We've been making potions! - 1.2.2021

We have loved using lots of different tools to mix and twirl and whisk up these brilliant concoctions. A dash of enthusiasm, a sprinkle of imagination and a whole lot of fun!

We are enjoying a new year of nursery fun - January 2021

Look how much fun we are having in the snow! 26-1-2021

Feeding the chickens - 22-1-2021

The nursery children are working on their cutting, mixing, creating, turn-taking and mess-making as they prepare some food for our our pet chickens.

Outdoor learning is fun! December 2020

Our children have been enjoying the outdoors in all weathers. Outdoors is bigger, noisier and messier and the children get the all important winter sunshine and fresh air.

Rehearsals for our Christmas production are in full swing - 7.12.20

We love exploring at Walbrook!

Our children are developing their physical skills, their creativity and their imaginations as they learn with mud and water.

Exploring our Creativity - October 2020

The nursery children are learning new skills - such as using scissors, mixing paint colours and using different types of glue - while exploring the wide range of resources on offer.

We're so happy to be back at nursery 1.6.2020

A message to Walbrook families (March 2020):


Over this unusual time, we at Walbrook Nursery would like to help you entertain the children with quick, easy and fun activities that you can fit into your normal daily routine and will help your child to stay happy, healthy and content.


These activities should last no longer than 5-10 minutes, so you can spread them out around meal times and other household responsibilities (because, as we all know, being a parent is hard work).  


It is entirely up to you how many you do per day but remember that your family’s well-being is the most important to us, so do not pressure yourself to formally educate your child. When our school re-opens we want your children to come back to us with happy family memories that will inspire them to learn in our care.

We've got some special visitors in nursery! March 2020

Raising Healthy Children workshop 6.3.20


Miss McAnulty ran a workshop for parents on raising healthy children. To see the presentation given, please click on the powerpoint file below.

World Book Day


Thursday 5th March was World Book Day and the nursery children enjoyed dressing up as characters from "The Tiger Who Came to Tea". We had a tea party for our snack and all of the children tried a sip of tea.

We are so proud of our learning, we put it on the wall!

October 2019 - We went to the zoo!