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Activities at home

Research shows that sharing books with Children;


  • Is directly linked to positive educational outcomes - Reading to children is vitally important to their educational success and life chances
  • Is good for children’s well-being and mental health - it releases the feel Good chemical Serotonin and strengthens bonds between parent/carer and child.
  • Improves Vocabulary and communication, Imagination, empathy, and listening skills when babies and children are read to every day.                                                  
  • Encourages a relaxing bedtime routine - A simple way to introduce books to your little ones,                                           


 Follow the 3 B’s routine – Bath, Book, Bed.


  • Again and again! - Babies and children quickly develop a love for a favourite book and will often want to have it read over and over  -Repetition of stories is hugely beneficial to a child’s language development, so keep reading again and again!
  • Reading in your home language is also good for babies and children to support their communication and language - let them see you reading. 


   Top tips for sharing books together; 


  • Find a quiet space - turn off your TV and phone
  • Choose a book together that your child enjoys.   
  • Find a comfortable spot to sit together.  
  • Encourage your child to hold the book and turn the pages with you.                                           
  • Talk about the pictures, relate to things your child knows – you don’t necessarily have to read the story!
  • Make it fun and interesting – use voices and noises of the different characters
  • Join your local library to borrow endless books for free        


These are some of the rhymes we will be focusing on in the group this term as we learn about 'Growing'.


Rhymes about ourselves.

Rhymes about growing seeds.

Rhymes about garden creatures.

Summer Treasure Hunt


Summer is a great time to get outside and explore nature.

Get outside in the fresh air, have some fun and find all these wonderful things.

Check out for lots of great ideas and activities

Make a paper windmill

Making a paper windmill is easy and fun, it will only take about 15 minutes. Children will love watching windmills spin around with the power of wind.



Every Thursday, our Rising 2s group does some cooking. It is an excellent way to work on motor skills and to practice following instructions and taking turns.


Here are some examples of things we have cooked this year: