Pomphlett Primary School

Pear Tree Infant and

Walbrook Nursery School



School Behaviour


At Pear Tree Infant and Walbrook Nursery School we pride ourselves on

promoting positive behaviours though consistent praise.


At Pear Tree Infants, each class showcases a celebration of pupils through the pictorial representation of a pear tree with golden pears.


Our emphasis and philosophy is on celebrating positive values.

Pupils are given daily incentives to earn a "Diddi Dot" reward which

results in the following awards of certification.


15 Diddi Dots earn a BRONZE Certificate

30 Diddi Dots earn a SILVER Certificate

50 Diddi Dots earn a GOLD Certificate

Parents are invited by class teachers to attend a celebration assembly

to take part in their child's achievement.


Our behaviour policy outlines key features of our vision and philosophy

in enabling all of our pupils to celebrate their successes.

School Behaviour Policy


Our School Rules

Praise Walls


All school staff, teachers, teaching assistants, midday supervisors, administration and school site staff will use daily positive affirmations of encouragement and praise with every child every day at nursery and school using the school ‘Praise Wall’ system.


Positive affirmations will be shared and made visible for children to celebrate and make reference to on a daily basis. 


Children will have exposure to the school ‘Praise wall’ system during teaching and learning times, play times and lunch times. 


Children will acquire and develop use of positive language essential to being a good school citizen through hearing daily positive affirmations.


School staff pledge to nurture and promote high aspirations for all children every day through applying the ‘Praise wall’ system as integral to daily school life

Parent Meetings


We have invited parents in to showcase our wonderful new behaviour initiative - Praise Walls.  This is centred around positive praise and using this language around children throughout the school day - please have a look at the phrases we use with your children and try and use them at home too! 

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