Pomphlett Primary School

Pear Tree Infant and

Walbrook Nursery School



Cherry Tree Class Activities 2020/21

Cherry Tree Class Activities 2019/20

World Book Day 05.03.2020 We had so much fun dressing up as characters from 'Duck in a Truck'

Homework Celebration 10.02.2020 Up, up and away...rockets!

Snow 10.02.2020 we made the most of the light flutter of snow and explored outside!

NSPCC Number Day 07.02.2020 We had so much fun weighing our ingredients and making cakes

Cherry Tree Class Activities 2018/19

We shared our homework projects with our friends. Which Fairy Garden is your favourite? 12.6.19

Memorable experience - Fairy tale extravaganza! 4.6.19

Looking for fairy clues for our fairy picnic.
Following the clues.
We are talking about the clues we found.
We made fairy wands and potions.
Yeah! We found the clues to the Fairy tale picnic.

We built our own castle.

Caribbean Music workshop 9.4.19, playing the drums was awesome!

Sharing our homework projects with our friends. Can you name the animals? 4.4.19

We are learning about where milk comes from, we enjoyed eating our delicious ice creams! 4.4.19

Our visit to the farm was amazing! we enjoyed feeding the animals.

We made delicious fruit kebabs

Growing plants in our EYFS garden March 2019

Memorable visit - Supersams March 2019

Super Learning Feb 2019

Carribean story and music day 01.02.19

Roma Story 01.02.19

Wonderdome visit, Topic: Our solar system Jan 2019

Christmas Parent Workshop, party and present from Santa Dec 2018

Memorable visit to Elvaston Castle 2018

Reading Workshop Dec 2018

Yoga 2018